Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Potential: What Yet Could Be

I am taking a break from the Truth about Social Media Success series.

I just had a couple of things I wanted to say. Just a couple of things running through my feeble mind while I am doing those things that put food on the table. It just can't be helped. I have an overactive mind, and I am always thinking about the human condition. It can't be helped.

I am in a unique position.

I get to encounter many people with a low self-image. I run into people that have been beaten down by life. I run into people who have chosen the wrong partner to be with, a partner that runs them to the ground and has nothing good to say about the person that they have chosen to be with. I encounter people that think that they have no worth and believe the lies that others have told them all of their lives.

I have heard that parents have told them they will never get anywhere in life. When these people hear that they may have some worth after all, they drink it up like my dogs drink water after playing. With abandon, without care. They are so happy that someone sees them as a viable member of this big, blue member of this globe we like to call Earth.

I want to say this and I'm going to say this only once, so pay attention.

You may be one of these type of people. Maybe the world has not treated you as something special, because of course, we are all completely threatened by people that are special.

 We've all forgotten that we're all special.

We all have a something locked up inside of us that we don't even know about...it's called potential.

Potential is a seed. Until it's potential is released, it is just the promise of a tree. Until your potential is released, your life is only a promise of what it could be.

But I'll be damned if we don't all have it, reserved on the inside, unrealized, unexplored.

And the next generation, the generation that you are here to teach and help to grow, needs the unrealized potential inside of you. They need it. Yes, they have their own...but they need yours to show them that's it's okay to strive and to be somebody. They need to see that it does no good to the world to be less when they are not less.

Don't let the haters, dream squashers, and psychic leeches squash one of the few things that is all yours. You are an untapped reservoir. You are full of capped capabilities. You are running over with dormant gifts, like a volcano ready to erupt. You are packed with latent power, just waiting to be used.

You are capable of soooo much more than you are currently imagining.

More than you are currently thinking.

More than you are currently doing....or being.

Reach out and do new things. Do the things that scare you. Be the person you've always wanted to be. Take the steps that you've always wanted to take but cold never find the courage. See yourself in a new way. See your circumstances in a different way.

Potential is what yet could be...

And you have it. Trust me. You have it.

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