About J. Scott Sharp

I have wanted to write for a very long time....since I was 3. Now I'm 46 and I finally decided to lose my mind. I typically write fiction with an emphasis on the dark side. I am working on two books, one is a serial killer novel with a little bit of a twist. The other is a book about a hole...don't ask!  I've challenged myself to write 2000 words a day for five weeks straight.

I have an Associates degree in psychology which qualifies me for nothing...and I am working on my English degree which will qualify me for nothing...so basically I got nothing. I live with my wife and two dogs in Arizona.  I hope that you enjoy my reviews, and interviews and random thoughts. I also hope that you check out my stories! My stories can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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  1. What inspires you to write?

    Are there any moments in your life that touch you deeply that act as a type of fuel?

    I had the typical absent father story (he was there, then not, it's a roundabout), which fueled me to be creative and channel my artistic passions, acting and writing. I discovered something in me.