Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Making of Nebraska Brown Blog Tour Stops Here!!!

As the first stop on The Making of Nebraska Brown Blog Tour, I just go to tell you how awesome this book is! I had the opportunity to review it and posted it here, without spoilers, so you can still enjoy it. I will link you to where you can pick up this amazing YA mystery with heart. Louise Caiola really is that great! 
Also, you can enter the contest at the end of this post to win some cool stuff!

Today, Louise has come to my blog to tell you a little about growing up to be a bibliophile, being bookish! Take it away Louise!


Are bibliophiles born or made? I firmly believe we are sprung from the womb with the literary gene branded somewhere deep inside of us. This gene became evident to me early on, cutting my bookish teeth on the likes of Little Women, Johnathan Livingston Seagull and Call of the Wild. In elementary school I doodled hearts and flowers on my notebook during math class to pass the time until English Lit. Pretty much the same thing went for my upper education. Algebra? No, thanks. Poe? Yes, please. While the world around me continually shifted and changed I began to recognize that the enjoyment of reading books was warmly consistent. There was something to be said for that.
Growing up as the bookish type wasn’t always easy. Splitting my allowance between my favorite new record and the next in the Nancy Drew Mystery Series. I learned early on the importance of a balanced budget. Then there were the times I missed a perfectly good game of flashlight tag because I was holed up in my room reading “just one more page.”
Now, by no means was I antisocial. I had many friends. Both real and fictional. I was quite fond of Scout Finch and Hannah Gruen, even if they only came to life on those wonderful worn pages. (Nope – no eReaders back then.) Lots of times the characters in my favorite books were easier to rely on, to understand and relate to. Growing up bookish sometimes made the real aches of growing up less achy.
As time passed I noticed that being bookish was the key to a great escape from the many details that cluttered my life. What better way to forget my own troubles than spending time with the problems plaguing King’s crew. (That man knows his way around some deeply disturbed folks!)
To this day I recognize and respect the literary gene within me. It has provided for me in the best and worst of times. A constant in a world of change. With a tagline like that – who could want anything more?

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