Sunday, May 5, 2013

10 Truths of Social Media Success Pt. 7

It's getting close to the end. We've almost reached number ten and I've been having a blast with you as we go over the truth of being successful in SOCIAL media. Again I put the emphasis on social. Social is what will make you successful in this communications medium. If you aren't being successful, make sure that you look at how interactive you are being on Twitter, Facebook, G+, and any other site you are on.

But today I want to talk about what you can do for others.

There is a gift you can give them on social media that doesn't cost you a cent.

It means that you found what they had to say to have value.

It is important that you:

#7 Retweet and share other's content

Since getting retweeted or shared is someone repeating what you have said, you are truly giving someone value when you do that. You are giving them the benefit of everyone who has followed you or friended you.

Now their content has reached more people than they could reach on their own.

In social media, that stuff is gold.

Every time something is retweeted, the probability that it will get retweeted again goes up. Every time, something gets shared on Facebook, it's chance of getting shared again goes up.

Like I said, GOLD! It is like you are handing these people gold!

You know what happens when people give me gold?

I want to give them gold back.

Then you'll give them gold back..

and everyone is fast friends, ready to help each other at a moments notice.

All because you thought of them before you thought of yourself...

Look for interesting information and people to retweet and share, and it will be a boon for them...and for you.

Retweet and share other's content.


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