Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Later is not the right time...

Maybe this isn't the right place for this...

But what the hell...I wouldn't be a writer if I worried about offending people all the time.

I want to remind you that later is never the right time to let people know that you care about them...that they're special...that they mean something to you...that they are someone. Later is just never the right time to do that.

 Now is perfect.

Again I am spurred by an event that occurred in June.

It is wasted time complaining at each other and making each other feel bad, whether I am talking to a husband and wife, and mom or dad with their kids, work mates,or whoever. What are we accomplishing by climbing each other's asses, jumping on each other's cases, pointing out each other's flaws.

Do any of you do that? I do.

GUILTY! *raises hand and lowers eyes so that I don't have to meet anyone's gaze*

Have you ever been a complete shit to someone for a long period of time, and then lost them. Maybe to death? Maybe they just got tired of your garbage and left?

I am watching this happen with some people I know concerning a death. They were complete shits to someone and he killed himself. Now they are kicking themselves in the backside for not being kinder. For having let their irritations become walls of hate and anger.

I know. People make mistakes. Don't worry. I don't hold it against them. I don't hate them. I'm not mad or un-understanding (thought this might be a time for a new word)

But I have a great takeaway.

Please love those who love you and show them everyday. Please tell people their worth to you everyday. Please take a second to remember that we are all just a ball of emotions that are just below the surface and we remember everything that is said. Just be kinder to each other.

I'll tell you what...I'll make you a deal.

If you will...I will...

Later might be too late.