Sunday, April 14, 2013

10 Truths About Social Media Success Pt. 4

I'm going to keep this one short, and it is going to seem so obvious that you will want to write me and tear me apart for saying it. But it's not obvious at all. Not at all. If you want to have any kind of success, you will have to be on social media posting things. Sometimes you will post about what others are doing and sometimes you'll post what you are doing, but you will always need one thing. You are going to need to:

4. Have Something To Say and Say it Daily.

I know this sounds obvious, but if it is, why do so many people ignore their social media accounts for months at a time and then come back to it and expect that everyone is still paying attention to them and wants to respond to them?

You have to stay engaged.

We all have something to say once a day.


Talk about your pets.

Say something about your blog.

Tell us what you're doing.

Tell us what you like, we might like it too.

Being social means talking to us, letting us understand you.

I did this once. I was on social media all of the time, and then a devastating family problem happened. When I came back, everyone was gone. I could post something on Twitter and no one would respond. In a way, it is still like that. But it didn't have to be, and I have done some work to make sure that this doesn't continue.

It's like having a best friend and then you stop talking.

If you ever want to talk again, you must go through the awkward stages first.

Post at least once everyday. That's my suggestion. No matter how busy you are. It is not the quantity of posting, but the quality of posting. People want to be interacted with. That's part of the social component of what we're doing. 

Just never forget, people interact with you on social media because of  YOU. If  YOU become absent, they will miss you and then they will move on.

So, have something to say everyday.


  1. Thought-provoking post.

    This is not as easy to do as it sounds. Scheduling time to check everything off the list: write, post articles on the blog, and make the social media rounds, is one answer, but that requires time, too.

    Good thing it's all fun!

  2. Hi Gail,

    Sorry I was so late in responding. Crazy week. You are one hundred percent correct. It is easier said than done.
    I recommend that people set a schedule around it, but only if you are serious about it. There are people that want to use social media to amp their business, and there is nothing wrong with that. But those same people need to make time for all facets of their business. Today's consumer wants to feel a connection with those that are selling to them, especially from social media. You can't do that if you are ignoring those people.
    Of course, my thoughts are what works for me. I think it has application for success.
    thanks for commenting :)

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