Friday, March 29, 2013

4 Reasons It Is Okay To Be Uncomfortable Part 2

On Wednesday, I introduced the concept of getting comfortable with discomfort. This is something that a Facebook friend introduced to me, and I was a little challenged by the concept. However the more I thought about it, the more I thought that this may be one of my biggest problems. I just want to be comfortable all the time.
I introduced the first two reasons It's okay to be uncomfortable on Wednesday. Those were:

1. It is an essential survival skill.
2. It is how we learn to do anything with any mastery.

So let's continue on with the final 2 reasons it is okay to be uncomfortable

Here they are:

3. Discomfort spurs you to do what you've never done before. Why do you think that mommy bird kicks the small birds out of the nest? Because falling on your bird-butt can be painful. They have to learn to fly. Why do you think eagles begin to take all of the soft, cozy material out of the nest as their young get older? Because they won't get out of the nest if it stayed cozy. How will they ever soar if they have all they need right there?
The same is for you.
How will you ever stretch yourself and who you are if you never push the envelope? You must set uncomfortable goals , goals that are a little outside what you think you are capable of accomplishing. Many will say, "C'mon, if you set them too lofty and you don't hit them, you will feel terrible about yourself."
All I have to say is that we must become acquainted with failure, if we are ever to succeed. We must be willing to have that uncomfortable experience if we are to ever reach a loftier perch or a bigger goal.
Although it is a little cliche, watch a baby try to learn to stand and then to walk for the first time.
They get up, pulling themselves up on the edge of the table, and then they fall. They throw a fit, crying and upset. But if you leave them alone, you will see that they get back up and pull themselves up again. Their discomfort is spurring them to achieve things they have never achieved before. Their discomfort is teaching them how to stand and not fall because falling is unpleasant.
Falling is unpleasant.
Discomfort spurs you to do what you've never done before.

and last:

4. Nothing changes if nothing changes. I hear people, every day, in the work that I do, that want to make changes in their lives. Let me make a comparison for you.
Life is a full glass of water.
Everyone's is full.
Some of the water in that glass is water you put there.
Some of the water in that glass is put there by others (Because, let's be serious. If you don't fill your life, someone else will do it for you.)
Now, let's say that you want to be a college student. Going to college represents a stone. The minute you try to introduce the stone to your glass of water, water will displace and start pouring over the sides.
Change is like that.
Anything that you try to change is going to cause the waterworks to happen in your life, and it may make such a big mess that you may not want to keep going.
But if you will get comfortable with the change, it will eventually calm down again, and a new norm will have been established in your life.
The only way that happens is to get comfortable with change.
If you want something to be different, you must do something different.
Nothing changes if nothing changes.
So get comfortable with change in your life.

This has been an enlightening time for me. I hope it has for you too. Let me know what you think about all of this. Did it all make sense, or is it just a bunch of psychobabble? I really enjoy hearing from you all and hope to hear from more of you in the future.

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