Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Goals are Important

Some of you have been following my progress over the past few weeks, as I have been trying to become a goal-setting and goal-achieving machine. I have been mostly successful. Here are some of the reasons I elected to start setting goals in certain areas

#1 Happiness Requires that You Set Goals Viktor Frankl, the founder of logotherapy, said that the greatest need of human beings is  for a sense of meaning and purpose in life. We always ask questions about what the meaning of life is. We ask those questions because we desire to have a sense of meaning and purpose. Goals give you a sense of purpose. They give you a sense of direction. As you move toward goals, you feel happier and more accomplished. You want to set bigger goals because you feel more competent and confident in yourself.

#2 Clarity is important. Any trip worth taking will require a map to get you where you are going. Knowing the direction that you are gong in when traveling through life is very important. It is your responsibility to use your life in a way that makes things very clear for you. In other words, you need to know what you want and how you will get to what you want.

#3 Goals can help you create the world you want. Everyone wants to be healthier. They want to be able to write more or ski better or speak a language or paint. All of these thins require discipline. You move toward the things that you think about everyday. This is why I decided to put my efforts into my health, my writing, and my work. These areas will help both me and my wife have and do the things that we enjoy. Now I feel better. I have written more (in fact, I will have some new work coming out soon) and I am doing better at work than I have ever done.

Living without clear, written goals is like driving in a dust storm. You could have a Maserati and you will still drive slow, hesitating because you can't see. Goals help you to take the Maserati of your life and kick it into high gear, accelerating into the tings that you want in your life.

I hope this has helped some of you. Let me know what you think. I love hearing from all of you!

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  1. I think this blog is great! I always stress how it's very important for people to set goals. Whether the goals are short or long term they help. In my opinion, goals makes certain things a person wants to achieve more easier.