Saturday, February 23, 2013

Being Paranoid Means We're Never Alone

So are we ever alone anymore?

Is there ever a time when no one knows where we are? It used to be that way. If you weren't home, no one could reach you on the phone until you got there. Now your phone has GPS. Anyone could find you...anytime they want.

Does any of that matter?

I work with a woman at my job. I won't tell you her name. I'm not trying to embarrass her or make her feel bad. That would be really uncool.

But she is really paranoid. I tell her this all of the time. She truly feels that everyone is out to get her. One time she sent an email and it came back to her and she spent a half hour trying to explain to everyone on the team why this meant that she was being watched. She's a very cool person and she makes me laugh. I like her a lot. She's a good friend. But she has some strange thoughts about the government, businesses, well, just about everything.

And then I got to thinking...

What if she's right? What if they really are out to get us, watching our every move with drones, mobilized to watch everything we do? Coming after us because they suspect we might be a terrorist? I know you think I've gone off the deep end. I agree. It won't be the first time...there was that one time with that bowl of jello and...uh....oops...I promised never to tell anyone about that....nevermind.

Anyway, I discovered all sorts of things that have shown me that our country has come off the rails as we suspect everyone and believe the worst. We no longer believe the best out of anyone. I prefer to believe in people. It is crazy how much suspicion we have.

For instance, I saw an article about a lot of surveillance that we are working on. One of them is called a pre-crime camera . Apparently it will be watching us and determining whether we are a terrorist or not, BEFORE we do anything. And you thought you were free. Don't be ridiculous. I thought that it was really interesting that the article at the link says that camera will be able to watch numbers of people at a time and will build a memory of suspicious behaviors....that is really going to make me think twice before i scratch anything in public again.......ooops!.....nevermind again.

Drones are another big issue in this article...Can the government look right into your back yard by flying a drone over your yard and taking a look? Uh.....yep. They can. I was even watching a program where a company had built a small drone, that operates like a humming bird and looks just like one. It can literally fly right into your yard and watch you. It has a camera and everything. What the hell? I mean, I don't like birds anyway. But a bird that can tell everyone the color of my eyes....heck  they don't need that...I'll tell you they are stunning...and blue/gray. Hahaha! But seriously...they are. The worst part of this is that DHS is looking into this technology aggressively according to the article. Give it all a look. Very interesting.

So remember, if you think you are alone, you aren't... so get your hands off that....
If you think they are not out to get you, you're wrong. they are. Whoever they are...
And always remember, this is all in fun. Just for a laugh...
Or is it?


  1. I'm not paranoid, but it is freaky how easily we are watched. Even simple code that lets your computer customize the ads you see on websites just by tracking where you visit and what you google. It's good to be careful. But you can't escape being watched. Bwahahaha....

  2. I know, Big Brother and all of his brothers are watching. So make sure that you aren't doing anything you would be embarrassed about later...Thanks Julie...