Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thursday Blog Mash-Up

 Hello, my lovelies,

So far, so good...We're all still here. The world hasn't ended yet. *Phew* I know it's supposed to end on December 21st...but I'm getting a little afraid that someone is going to throw the switch early. So, I'll point you guys in the direction of some fantastic blogs that I truly appreciate and check out weekly! I recommend them and follow them and think you should too!
The only thing that I would say is if you appreciate them as much as I do, please support them by following their blog. They would probably love you for it...and they might stop being mean to puppies...maybe. Stop the cruelty and follow them now...LOL!

I never miss these three blogs:

Novel d'Tales with Hilybee -Hilybee is a great book blogger but she also blogs about everything e-reader (especially Kindle), food, and other fun! You should definitely follow her blog and show her some support!

I Write...Therefore I Am with Sheila Pierson- Sheila is a writer...and a damn good one. I never know what she's going to post on her blog next...poetry...a song...some snippet of fiction...interesting all! Support her!

Juliebird- The Writing's The Thing with Julie Frayn- I never know what Julie is going to post next. As proof of this, she has a Devo video up right now...'Nuff said! Follow her blog!

Stay tuned every Thursday for more blogs that make up my Thursday Blog Mash-Up! And stay safe out there. The world is supposed to end soon so stock up on Oreo's and YooHoo and make sure you have enough batteries for the flashlights...ohhhh and don't forget to buy Wal-Mart out of water...

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  1. Thank you Jason!!! You're the man! And yeah, good thing you went ahead with this post...wouldn't want that whole world-ending thing to interfere with our blogging schedules! lol