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A Review of "A Prescription for Delirium" by Noree Cosper (Available December 1, 2012)

A Prescription for Delirium is a fun romp with just enough sarcasm and action to keep you blazing through it pretty quickly. Ms. Cosper has created a character in Gabriella Di Luca that will carry this series. I really enjoyed it! For me, it reminiscent of the Jim Butcher books that are so popular right now.
Let’s get into what I specifically liked about the book and places where I thought it could have used some more.

Characters is where this book excels and where Ms. Cosper shines as an author.
I love Gabby! She is tough as nails on the outside when she is hunting other demons and the one that killed one of the Van Helsing brothers. She feels responsible because that death broke a promise she made. She has feelings and is a complex character for a fantasy demon-hunting type of book. She can hold her own and I believe that, as this character becomes more complex, she will be able to hold down a series of books. 

Sorry, others may disagree with me, but Adrian Van Helsing is my favorite of all of the characters. Honestly I think most readers will like Marge (or Marguerite). Adrian was my favorite because he is one smart cookie and he is not very trusting. He thinks everyone is a demon or something. He was my favorite because he was always the grouchy killjoy of the group and a real thorn in their sides at times.


Some of the scenes came to life for me and some felt like they needed a little more development. The bar at the beginning of the book and the action in it felt like it needed a little more. I couldn’t feel the environment and so didn’t 100% buy into, but the scenes at the carnival felt very real to me. I could almost smell the cotton candy and hear the calliope music in the background of my mind. It was really great. In addition, I liked the descriptions of the hospital. Ms. Cosper is very gifted at giving normal settings an ominous feel.

Altogether, this book is a great yarn with a bunch of great characters and is so damn addicting that I couldn’t put it down. It is a great debut novel from a great up-and-coming supernatural thriller writer. Noree Cosper is a fantastic author and I would recommend this book for anyone who likes supernatural thrills and who is more into adult fiction. 

The Van Helsing Organization is here to stay!

It gets four stars from me, for a great book! It will come out soon, December 1st!

I was provided an advanced reader copy of this book, from the author, for an honest review. The receipt of this book has in no way influenced my review. 

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