Sunday, March 4, 2012

Welcome The Hidden World Blog Tour with S. M. Boyce

Today, I have the extreme pleasure to bring you a character interview with Kara Magari, the hero of a new epic fantasy novel, “Lichgates.” This is the first novel in the Grimoire Trilogy by the fascinating S. M. Boyce. I want to thank Kara, and S. M. Boyce for coming. This was supposed to be a closed door interview with Kara, but…well, you’ll see what I mean. So, kick back and enjoy the interview!

Jason: Kara, it’s nice to meet you. Thanks for coming to my blog.

Kara: Thanks for having me, Jason.

Jason: I heard that you live in Tallahassee. I’ve never been to Florida, what ‘s it like?

Kara: Well, I did before I found the Grimoire. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if I never go back to Tally. But there isn’t much to do in Tallahassee besides eat boiled peanuts and get caught in the incessant, daily rain showers. I was always so happy when my family and I would leave every summer to go hiking in the Rockies!

Jason: Tell me a little about your family, especially your mother and father.

Kara: Oh man. I can’t…

S. M. Boyce: Dude, Jason! That was such a spoiler question!

Jason: Boyce, where the hell did you come from?

S. M. Boyce: I was hiding in that box over there.

Kara: Seriously? A box?

S. M. Boyce: Jason wouldn’t let me in.

Kara: For good reason, apparently.

Jason: I was asking a question before all of this, and I no longer remember what it is.

S. M. Boyce: It was a spoiler question, so that’s probably for the better. Keep going. I’ll just go fix myself some lunch. Inconspicuously.

Jason: Think she’s really out of earshot?

Kara: *Laughs* No way.

Jason: Well, let’s keep going. What is a lichgate, and how did you find one?

Kara: I was on a summer hiking trip alone when I found this hidden trail and explored it. It ended in a plain, wooden gazebo. I didn’t think anything of it – I just walked in. And boy, did I fall into a world of hurt for that. You can read about it here, actually. I think the crazed author-woman posted that little episode for free online.

S. M. Boyce: I heard that.

Kara: Told you she was listening.

Jason: Back in the box, Boyce!. Moving on. What is the Grimoire?

Kara: The Grimoire is a book with no limit to its pages, and it can answer any question asked of it. Some of its pictures move, but most of the time, it just has pages and pages of text. It taught me to use magic, and taught me a lot about Ourea that no doubt saved my life many times already.

Jason: Tell me a little about Ourea

Kara: It’s beautiful. Frightening. There are all sorts of fantastic places – I mean, I visited a freaking underwater castle. Underwater! And there is a floating castle up in the clouds, though I don’t think I could ever find that again. It’s just gorgeous. And then there’s the creatures…there are magical horse-sized dogs with two heads, centaurs, minotaurs, these crazy monsters called earaks…it goes on and on. Every time I thought I’d seen everything, something new and terrifying and weird as hell would appear.

Jason: You told me about some creatures, are there any people you’ve met?

Kara: Well, they’re not humans. If that counts, then yes. There are three different races in Ourea: yakona, drenowith, and isen. I can’t even begin to go into detail here, but you want to stay away from isen. They’re just evil.

S. M. Boyce: Braeden, a yakona, and Deirdre, an isen, are also on the stop for interviews if you all want to learn more about them.

Kara: I can’t believe either of them agreed to an interview.

S. M. Boyce: Neither can I, really, but don’t jinx it.

Jason: *Ahem*

S. M. Boyce: Right, right. The box. I’m going.

Jason: Kara, if you could have a do- over, what would you do over?

Kara: *Sighs.* This goes back to the question about my parents. I think Boyce will pop a gasket if I tell you too much, but I can tell you this: I would go back in time and give everything up, all of the power in the Grimoire and everything I’ve seen in Ourea, to undo something I did about eight months ago.

S. M. Boyce: Great, now she’s depressed.

Kara: You. Hush. I’m fine. What was your next question, J.?

Jason: What kind of people do you have the hardest time dealing with?

Kara: People who don’t think with an open mind. I know I’m not perfect or anything, but at least I try, you know?

Jason: What would people who know you say about you?

Kara: I guess it would really depend on who you ask. Most of the time, though, they’d call me annoyingly sarcastic.

S. M. Boyce: I wonder who you get that from?

Kara: No idea…

S. M. Boyce may be in a box now, but don’t you put her in one.
She has the hot epic fantasy series out there. “Lichgates” part 1 in the Grimoire Trilogy, is a fantastic read and S. M. Boyce is a fantastic author. I look forward to more from her and thank her for coming to my blog.

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  1. This is by far my favorite interview that I've ever read. It makes me want to go to the store and by a Boyce in the they sell those? Could that be part of a giveaway please? I could put her in the corner and she can pop out for comic relief. Yea, great idea, I'll work on the sales pitch a bit though.

    But back to the interview. I've only read a few character interviews in my life, but I'm enjoying them so much. Especially this one. I love Kara's character, and a Kara/Boyce combo on this blew it out of the water! Great Job :)

    1. Thanks, Robert! This was a fantastic interview, and I just loved doing it. We really had fun with it!

  2. Loved this interview, especially with Boyce popping in and out of the box lol. Really enjoyed it, and was a great dose of humor for my Monday morning, Thanks!

  3. Rob-Yep Boyce-in-a-Box is on sale, but has recently been recalled to add more snark! As snarkier versions hit the market, we will let you know LOL. If anybody is comic relief, it was me in this article. Boyce is hilarious! :)

    Kayleigh-Boyce is a lot of fun and an excellent author! We tossed this back and forth, but she did most of the work. She's so funny!

    1. Can the world or that box handle having more snark in it? LOL

    2. LOL true. It would reach dangerously high snark levels.

  4. Fun interview! Jason, you really brought out Boyce's humor. She is a blast to be around. Even with the laughs, it was still informative. Great job to all of you - Jason, Kara, and Boyce.

  5. Hi Chuck,

    Most of that was Boyce! She is sooo much fun!

  6. lol that was an awesome interview! get back in your box boyce! I'm super excited for this book! That was really halarious for me even if it is a monday :)

    1. Hahaha! So glad we could make you chuckle!

  7. The Haunted Rose- I hope she doesn't stay in the box too long...I'm excited for Book 2!
    Thanks for coming!

  8. What a fun interview! I wonder if Kara would've agreed to the interview if she knew S.M. Boyce was going to show up?

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    MaSugar32- I like her sassy too!
    HilyBee- It was so funny! Boyce has a great sense of humor!

  14. Guys, that interview was awesome. Somehow I get the sense that this isn't the first back and forth that Kara and Boyce have had.

    Jason, thanks for hosting such a great interview!

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