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Ten Questions Plus One with Rebecca Hamilton, author of The Forever Girl Series

Scored an interview with Rebecca Hamilton, author of The Forever Girl and Her Sweetest Downfall! For those of you who don't know her and have never read The Forever Girl or Her Sweetest Downfall, get familiar here and here. Currently, The Forever Girl is .99 and Her Sweetest Downfall is free. So for .99 cents you can read the books that I thought were some of the best reading I did in the last 2 years! I reviewed it too! Check out my book review page on the top of the blog!
Rebecca is a great writer but she's an even more awesome person and friend! And she created the cover for The List of Five, so she's even more awesome and talented! 
Get to know her here and then connected with her at the bottom of the blogpost!

Q:  An elephant walks in the door right now, wearing a set of Mardi Gras beads. What is the first thing he says, and why does he say it?
A: OH my gosh, Jason! If an elephant walked into my house, I would be walking out of it! I don’t want to get crushed by an elephant! I’d be out of there so fast I wouldn’t hear a word it had to say.

Q: How would you rate your memory, on a scale of 1 to….crap…I forgot. Anyway, rate it and what do you think contributes to it being bad or good?
A: Um, 5? It’s neither here nor there. Well, I guess that would make it a 0, so it must be somewhere. Speaking of, if anything is anywhere, I only remember where it is if I can see it. Out of sight, out of mind. I used to have fantastic memory, so I imagine it’s not so good anymore because I have too much to remember.

Q: What is one thing that you wish that you could change about yourself that you have struggled to change?
A: I wish I was a more peaceful person. I’m really patient, like with my kids, but overall, I’m pretty stressed and I care too much about what other people think.

Q:What inspires you?
A: As odd as it may sound, nice weather! I love beautiful imagery, I love scents, I love music, and reading, and watching TV and movies. And I am often inspired by the people in my life. However, that *feeling* of inspiration (you know, the feeling that swells in your chest so much that you have to do something—a real motivating force) comes from nice weather.

Q: What do you think is the biggest responsibility of a parent? Is this something that you think most parents do? Why or why not?
A: EDUCATING YOURSELF. Yes, I caps locked it. Too many people trust everyone else for the parenting decisions they make. Doctors, their own parents, their friends, the media (which is really the worst resource of all!) but few people look into things for themselves, educate themselves, and then trust their instincts. No one cares about your child like you do. Remember that.

Q: What kind of people do you dislike the most?
A: People who lie. And really, I notice that people who lie display a bunch of my other pet peeves: manipulation, hypocrisy, bullying, vengefulness. It’s like if you have one of these traits, you have all the others, too. And it’s not that I dislike those people, it’s that I dislike their behavior. With behavior like that, they can stay away from me, please!

Q: If you were a Star Trek character, which one would you be? (and if you don’t know anything about Star Trek, forget the interview!...okay don’t forget the interview…pretend I said what character are you from…I don’t know….Supernatural or something.)
A: What character would I do from Supernatural? Is that the question? Because if it is, Jensen Ackles. Then again, I think the answer to most questions is Jensen Ackles. That’s a good answer.

Q: If someone wrote your life story, what do you think the title might be?
A: This Lady Likes Babies Too Much

Q: Tell me something great about one of your relatives.
A: My Uncle T is what I call “The Father of the Family”. I look up to him. He is an example of how to be in control of your life and be responsible for yourself. He knows the balance of helping others and not enabling them. I’m really very lucky to have him, as most of my family are . . . well . . . nuts.

Q: In five adjectives, sum up who you are.
A: My husband calls me the EBMOD (Evil Bitch Monster of Death), which would account for 3 of the adjectives, if you were to listen to him. But you shouldn’t listen to him, because he also asked me if typing was an adjective, because I’m always doing that. Where was I?
Passionate. Nurturing. Contemplative. Generous. Resourceful.

Plus one:

Q: Tell me about your current work in progress. You cannot use any blurbs. A summary in your own words. What we want to know is about theme and about why this book is important to you.
A: Right now I’m working in the second book in the Forever Girl Series. It’s about a young woman pregnant with her father’s baby who ends up time travelling to Salem 1692 (during the witch trials). She must assist in fighting a supernatural war of possession in order to make her way back to her own time period to reunite with baby. This story’s theme deals with autonomy—about a person’s right to have a say over their own body—and it’s important to me now more than ever because I see our country on a slippery slope where we have very little rights and the government is starting to make decisions about our body for us—decisions that people should be making for themselves. It’s an important subject, in my opinion, and one that’s rarely discussed as often as it should be. Of course, I’m sure most people reading it will just think it’s fun paranormal fantasy read and not give it a second thought beyond that, but hey, sometimes part of what we right we do for ourselves, even if no one else will appreciate what it all means.

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