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Ten Questions Plus 1 With Author Riley J. Ford

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 Riley J. Ford is just about the awesome-est person you will ever meet, and I remind you of my commitment to bring you awesome writers from all over the place. Riley and I have known each other for a while, by that I mean, we have known of each other the way that you see something out of the corner of your eye, but you're not sure if you've seen it. 
It turns out that she is really awesome and a good friend! Makes me mourn for the time I could have known her, but didn't.
Today she has agreed to do an interview with me, so get to know Riley J. Ford and don't make the same mistake I did.
What is the funniest thing you have ever done while experiencing a sugar or caffeine rush?  
Ate the whole box. Of See's. A two-pounder. By myself. Yep, that's what the initial sugar rush of one little piece of chocolate did! Stay away from See's! It's like crack!

What is your pet peeve in traffic? Why does it bother you so much anyway? Do you think you’ll ever get over it?
 I hate drivers who tailgate because I'm afraid they're going to clip my car and send it spinning off into a ditch (or worse) with my precious kids inside! I wish there was a special zapper so I could zap away all those road rage drivers… maybe send them to the Uranus or something! The world would be so much safer. Plus Uranus seems a fitting name…

What is your favorite TV show of all times? Why do you think you enjoy it so much?
I loved Sex and the City. My jaw dropped when I saw some of the sex-filled episodes that actually aired on television! Besides the obvious, I loved the relationships between the female friends, the love interests, the real-life problems, plus the fact that the story took place in New York. What's not to love about New York (except smelly subways, stressed out people, and thugs on motorcycles who will pull you out of your car and beat you for no reason?)

Do you have a quirky habit you wish would go away? What is it and why do you think it became a habit?
Apparently I mouth-snore. Yep, according to my family, I snore loudly through my mouth, not my nose, and it creates a ruckus that keeps the whole house up. I think they're pulling my leg. I have yet to see (or hear) proof.

In Jaws, there’s a great scene where Hooper and Quinn are comparing scars. What is your most interesting scar and when and how did you get it?
I have a scar under my nose from when I fell out of a moving car on the highway when I was six years old. Yep, I lived to tell the tale! No brain damage, either… or at least that's what I tell myself.

Complete this sentence: When people look at me they would never guess that I_______
Am a published author. None of my friends or family know. It's my own fun little secret. I'm probably the only author on the planet that doesn't have family members around to write reviews! Sometimes I wish I did. But I love being a regular person during the day and a secretly published author on the side. I would never want to be famous. I love having my privacy. I'm an anti-fame-whore. Not many of us around in the Kardashian day and age!

If you could go into the past or the future but would have to stay there, where would you go?
The past. There are so many things I would change. For one, I never would have dated the loser who made me split the price of my own pizza on my birthday (buying half was his "gift" to me) after three years together. He had a good job, too. To top it off, he wrote me the check for his half with the extra penny in his favor! Yep, I'd definitely go back in time and do things differently with that jack-hole!

What inspires you? Why do you think it has such a positive reaction for you?
My kids, because they always have hope. It seems to be a quality all humans are born with. It gets watered down as we get older and the hard knocks start to take their toll. But kids always have such sweet, starry-eyed hope, even when things don't go their way. We can learn from them and their innocence. Hope is the most important thing a human being can have. Life can seem pretty bleak otherwise.

Tell me something great about one of your family members.
One of my most beloved family members (besides the humans in the house) is my 27-lb. cat. He was a scrawny little thing when we got him as a kitten. He had huge paws, and I said, "He's going to be a big tomcat when he grows into those paws!" He began eating and has never stopped since. Our neighbors call him a "tub of lard." We say he's just "big-boned." After all, he had those paws to grow into!

List five adjectives that best describe you.
Loyal. Adventurous. Creative. Loving. Funny (at least according to me… my hubby would beg to differ! He thinks I'm a nutball because I laugh myself silly while I'm writing.).

Plus One:

Tell us about your latest writing venture without using any blurbs. Tell us about theme, and why you wanted write this?
I just finished co-writing a horror/paranormal mystery with Rebecca Hamilton. We had a lot of fun with the project, and those who have read it say that it has given them nightmares (in a good way… if there is a good way to have nightmares. Ha, ha!). It's about a teen girl who joins a summer circus camp with some friends… and strange, scary things start to happen. It's called Circus of Lost Souls and will be released in November 2013.

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