Monday, September 23, 2013

Ten Questions Plus 1 with Benjamin Wallace author of the Dumb White Husband Series

I am on a quest! The mission...expose you to so many authors that you always have something cool to read!
Benjamin Wallace is a cool guy and he cracks me up. He is one of the first people that I met in this adventure in being a writer. Benjamin is the author of the Dumb White Husband series which is hilarious. Check him out in our interview. I bet your going to think so too.

1      Are you a person who makes their bed in the morning, or do you not see much point? Why do you or don’t you?
 I’m just going to be back in 20 hours later so I don’t much see the point.
2      Do you get road rage? What pisses you off the most about other drivers? 
      I’m am completely convinced that the downfall of mankind will begin at a 4-way stop. I can’t say where or when but it will begin with the middle finger and end with the bomb. Somewhere in the middle will be the completely justified use of a flamethrower.
          What is the most blatant lie you’ve ever told?
 This one.
4      Has the dog ever eaten your manuscript? Did you still give him treats afterward or was he/she in the proverbial doghouse?
No. But she did eat a year’s worth of notes and outlines.

            Crate training was immediately reinstated. (You thought you were kidding with that one, didn’t you?)

5      What inspires you? 
       Everything inspires me. I’m constantly soaking up trivia and history. I’ll get lost for days linking around on wikipedia. Any little thing can inspire a thought the grows into an idea and matures into an obsession to the point that I just have to write it down and explore the idea just to see if I can pull it off. In the end it’s mostly trying to see what I can get away with.

6     Tell me your biggest pet-peeve…the one that really bothers you that is a part of who you are? Why does it bother you so much?
 You go in the order you arrived. How hard is that? Is it selfishness? Or pure stupidity? I can forgive a little ignorance but we all had to pass the same driving test. People should be pulled over after the 4-way stop and beaten with a tire iron while be forced to retake the driving test. 
     Before there was sliced bread, what do you think was the best thing and why?
 I can’t imagine it was anything. My guess is people just walked around saying, “Everything sucks” while biting out the edge of a terribly shaped sandwich.  
     What is your worst quality, or the one you wish you can change about yourself?
 My humbleness. It really gets in the way of everyone knowing how awesome I am. 
9       Tell me about one of your relatives and the reason you think they are so great.
  You said there’d be no trick questions. 
1      What tips would you give to a new writer just getting started?
   I would tell them to seek validation. Ask a bunch of people what they think of your idea and your     story and don’t even begin to write it until someone tells you what a great idea it is. Once it’s done, don’t even think about publishing it until a stranger in New York says that people will like it. Only once you have this validation from strangers, friends who don’t write or tell stories, and people who don’t read should you feel confident you’ve written a good story.
  That’s what I would tell them. I like lying to people. Guess that’s why I’m a writer.

Plus one
    Tell me about your writing project in your own words, not something from your blog or from a blurb. What is your writing truly about.
            My latest project is Dumb White Husbands vs Zombie which pits three stereotypical suburban dads against the apocalypse. It’s about zombies, but it’s also about finding friends later in life and how weird that is. It’s about being out of shape but still having to run from monsters that want to eat you. It’s about regret and redemption. It’s about cars and sports. But, most of all it’s about family. So family and zombies. 

Hey guys! You can reach out and meet Benjamin Wallace for yourself!

Twitter: @BenMWallace


  1. Thanks, Jason.
    This was a lot more fun than the run of the mill Q&A.

    1. Ben, you're a cool dude. I loved your answers. Thanks for doing it!