Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fame again...and thanks!

Today's blog comes courtesy of my wife, Marti, who did a really kind thing for me today..and whom I love with all of my heart...and she inadvertently taught me another lesson...about fame. Thanks babe for what you did and the requisite lesson I learned again.


Last night, I found out that Jeffrey Deaver was going to be at a local bookstore, signing his new book "The Kill Room." I was disappointed because I had to work. It's inevitable...every time something cool is happening, I have to work. Please don't get me wrong. I am blessed to have a job and I am not downplaying that at all. I am grateful for work. I just wanted to be there today.

My wife, out of her own kindness and love for me, went to the bookstore secretively to get Jeffrey Deaver to sign a book for me. Anyone who knows me knows that this is a huge deal for me...gigantic! I'm geeking out!

She went through many harrowing adventures to get there on time, but I want to tell the story that she told me about what happened when she got there.

The small privately owned bookstore, that specializes in mystery and thriller fiction, called The Poisoned Pen was packed. Everyone was there to see and hear the writer Jeffrey Deaver. He is a great writer and people had come from a long way to see and hear him and get his book.

My wife couldn't have had less interest in Jeffrey Deaver.

She was on a mission.

She always says that when she is home, there is no telling what she will do...and she's right about that. It's always an adventure.

She got to the bookstore and asked if they already had his book signed. They said they did and that they were all ready for purchase. Mr. Deaver had not come out from the back yet to speak, but he had already signed all of the books he was going to sign.

My wife looked at one and it didn't look like the picture here.

It just had the signature.

My wife said to herself, "This? This is what I came all the way over here for? Geez. It has to be better than this."

She apparently had a strange face because the people at the counter asked her if there was something else they could do for her. She explained that it was a gift for me and that I am a writer. She wondered if he would add something to his signature.

They made a face like boy, I don't know if we can bother him, but we'll ask and they asked what she wanted it to say. She said "Could he write good luck with your new book?" They said they would ask, but there expressions showed that they doubted it greatly.

They went to the back and when they came back, they, with surprised expressions, returned the book to my wife saying that he had done it. He had given me something special that I will always remember.

And now I will be a better fan. Why? Because he was human...for one second...he was human.

When I wrote about Kevin Johnson and Harlan Coben for my very first post, I didn't realize how important this subject was for me. I believe that writers should take the time out for their fans. Do something special for them...take a picture with them...say something special to them...or just be kind.

I promise one thing...if you guys ever make me famous...if anything I write ever strikes a chord in you and the entire world is reading what I have written...I promise I will never forget anyone and that I will always treat you as you should be treated...with respect and with love.

Thanks Jeffrey Deaver! Thanks for being such a great guy and for taking the time.
And thanks Marti for thinking I was worth the extra time you spent today to make sure that the gift was a great one. I love you! :)

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