Sunday, April 15, 2012

Special Book Swag from "Lichgates" by S. M. Boyce! Sweet!

I love Book Swag! I love Book Swag! I Love Book Swag!
Okay...I said it. I loved it when I got a coffee cup with the cover of "It" on it.  I geeked out for a week. I collected bookmarks that represented different books including some very nice bookmarks that had the covers from one of my favorite fantasy series, "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever." In my opinion, these covers were some of the very best and the bookmarks stayed with me for a long time. I don't know what happened to them, but I miss them. Books have always been a special thing to me, and collecting things from those books, some kind of swag is always so damn cool!
So when I found out that my friend and extremely talented author, S. M. Boyce, was doing pre-orders for the definitive piece of bling for her book, book 1 of the Grimoire Trilogy, "Lichgates", my first thought was "Me wants." It is so very cool!
In the book "Lichgates" the hero, Kara Magari, finds a book, the Grimoire, that opens itself and is able to answer all of her questions. She also finds a pendant that she wears around her neck. This pendant is used to store the Grimoire when it is not in use. The pendant glows blue when the Grimoire is "stored away" or is clear when Kara is using the Grimoire.
So here's the cool part. S. M. Boyce is able to offer replicas of these pendants!!! With blue or clear stones in the middle. Here's what one looks like:

This is a picture of the pendant that S. M Boyce had made for herself. The replicas will be made of pewter and have either a blue or clear Swarovski crystal in the center. So very cool!! And it's inspired by one of my favorite books!
I am totally geeking out about this! It's such a big deal that I wanted you to make sure that you can pre-order yours, before this limited-edition item is no longer available. It won't be available forever, but S. M. Boyce was kind enough to allow me to make this post because I wanted you to have a chance to get your order in!

It's available with a blue crystal or a clear one or, heck you can pick up both. Be the first Vagabond on your block!
But hey, S. M. Boyce is the expert on everything Boyce...and this post wouldn't be anything without a word from her and a link to her blog for more information and the way to order your pendants, so without further ado:


  1. So exciting!! I love these pendants!

    1. It is really exciting! I completely geeked out when I saw that these were available! Lichgates is such a great book! Who doesn't want one of these pendants?