Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Grimoire Pendant Pre-Order Just Got Real People!

Two posts down...
Two posts down I told you about an amazing offer from S.M. Boyce. A replica of the pendant worn by Kara Magari in the book, "Lichgates." This offer was enough to make me salivate (of course then I slipped in it and that was a whole fiasco so...) but now S. M. Boyce has turned up the heat...that's right! She turned it on high and left the gas on! Allow me to let her tell you in words straight from her blog:

"The Giveaway

Because I don’t know what “toned down” means, I’m offering a giveaway with this pre-sale. When you buy a pendant, you’re automatically entered in a contest to make a short guest appearance in Heritage, the epic finale to the Grimoire Trilogy. How cool is that? The general consensus was “quite.” Of course, you can always decline if you don’t want to win and I contact you as a winner. There’s no pressure — I’ll notify the runner-up instead. Enjoy!
Important Note: the number of entries below does not reflect the total number of pendants I have left. I will have to close the presale when I run out of pendants, so be sure to order yours as soon as you know which bundle you want. Also: this contest is for the pre-sale only. Only those who participate in the pre-sale are eligible to win the guest appearance contest."

All I can say is WHAT?!
Not only can you get a cool replica pendant designed from an internationally praised book, but you can also get the opportunity to make a guest appearance in the third book of the trilogy? Sign me up!
Here is the link to all of the excitement!   

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