Monday, February 24, 2014

Rowling Should Just Quit Writing? Jealous Much?

I was scanning through Facebook and I ran into a doozy of a story.

Lynn Shepherd, a novelist and copywriter for The Huffington Post, wrote the stupidest op ed piece I have ever written..

For a little context you can go here

In essence, she was complaining that now that J. K. Rowling was done with Harry Potter, and she had started making a move in the adult literature areas, she should stop and give other writers a chance to shine, namely Lynn Shepherd.


So once you hit it big, you should stop? Hmmm... Would you Lynn Shepherd? I bet not.

This person even got upset because adults had read the Harry Potter books instead of reading more adult oriented fare, even admitting that she had never read a word of them and so didn't know if they were good (which they most certainly were) or bad. This was another plug for Lynn Shepherd's writing or genre because she was extremely hurt that adults would follow Rowling from YA to adult books and not be giving Little Miss Sunshine, Lynn Shepherd a chance to shine.

Never heard of her, and most likely never will with this attitude about other writers. This crap will follow you, Ms. Shepherd. Readers don't forget things like this.

Just go to Goodreads and see for yourself.

Or you could go look at the Amazon page for your books and see what their responses have been...all the one star reviews must be killing you.

Will writers ever learn?

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  1. Compare what Shepherd said in her HuffPo piece to what people like Hugh Howey are saying every day. Howey is a hell of a talented writer, as we both know, but what makes him even better is the constant words of encouragement he has for other writers, and especially for those who have aspirations of being writers.