Monday, December 23, 2013

My Book Recommendations from 2013

I never do 'best of' posts. I don't know what my problem is. I should. Okay. I will.*Twists own arm until can scratch the middle of own back*

Here is a list of the best books I have read this year. You should definitely give them a go. Keeping with the theme of this blog, each has its own little twisty twistedness that makes them fun...and this list is just in time for the holidays...spend your Amazon giftcards on these:

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn:

Nick and Amy are the perfect couple. Or are they? When Amy goes missing and evidence keeps pointing it's finger at Nick, it becomes more and more obvious that there is something here that no one knows.
I loved this book because the writing is so vivid, and the characters are so real and flawed, I couldn't quit reading it. There is a reason that this book is a New York Times bestselling novel. However, I warn you. This book is not for everyone who needs everything to be tied up in a neat little bow at the end of the story. This not YA vampire fantasy. This is real people, YO!

The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig:

Urban Fantasy at its best! A supernatural mobster novel? Hell Yeah! Mookie is a huge, mob enforcer type working for the Organization. But he isn't just concerned with the things going on on the surface of New York, but also what has been going on beneath its surface too. As the Organization has been digging for a valuable substance underground, a more supernatural element has come to the surface. There is way too much to explain in this twisty-turny fantastic book.
Chuck Wendig is a helluva writer and I hope to get all of his books really soon. Right now, I have three. He is a great guy too. I wold definitely recommend everything I have read, to you. He has a writing style that is sparse and immediate and never let's go of you once it has its talons in your neck.
I'm also a reader of his blog, terribleminds
Warning, if you get offended by cussing that is over the top and offensive, don't bother with his blog. And he probably wouldn't want you to bother. Don't say I didn't warn you. :)

 Demon of the Fall by R. P. Kraul

This guy is the revitalization of horror, that is no joke.  What I think is a crack up is that everyone reads horror, but they read it under another genre name, like urban fantasy, or paranormal. Kraul is horror and he isn't playing around with Demon of the Fall.
Toxic Lou, a bad guy, steals money from a contract killer and goes on the lam, to  a town called Purity, where an ancient evil resides.
Man I love this book. If you are a fan of horror, you owe it to yourself to pick it up from Amazon as an e-book. Kraul is one of the best indie writers out there.

I hope that you enjoy this list of fantastic books. Each of them are great and I really enjoyed them. Give them a try. Click the links and find out why I recommend them as some of the best books for 2013!

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  1. I read "Gone Girl." I was really getting into it. After the second third of it, I was pretty much reading it because I'd invested so much time at that point. You are right: NOT for anyone looking for a nice little ending with a pretty bow on top.